Blight Mitigation Program

What is Blight?

Any vacant/abandoned structure with the following characteristics:

  • Unfit for habitation
  • A public nuisance
  • Structurally unsound with imminent danger of collapse
  • No utility service(s)
  • Presence of vermin
  • Home for vagrants

Blight Mitigation Initiative

The Butler County Blight Mitigation Initiative (BCBMI) is a comprehensive multi-pronged approach consisting of:

  • Prevention
  • Education
  • Enforcement
  • Acquisition
  • Housing Rehabilitation
  • Demolition

Program Goals

  • Create stronger and more secure quality of life thus creating attractive places to live by eliminating dangerous sub-standard housing
  • Reduce crime including drug blight
  • Promote housing stability and an increased tax base
  • Provide communities with the ability to improve their oldest housing units and ensure retention of homeowners and renters
  • Support housing maintenance through community education
  • Reduce neighborhood density through the elimination of non-productive structures
  • Increase property values and marketability
  • Provide increased local revenue and property taxes
  • Promote community stability