Inspection Checklist

In order for your unit to pass inspection, it must meet certain requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The following list covers those items which most commonly cause a unit to fail an inspection. Please inspect your unit before you request an inspection to avoid any delays in the beginning date of the lease and contract. No contracts will be made prior to a unit passing an initial inspection.

All units must pass inspection annually to continue subsidy payments.

  • There cannot be any chipping or peeling paint anywhere inside the unit or on the outside of the unit.
  • There must be a refrigerator and cooking stove which are clean and in working order (supplied by either the tenant or owner).
  • There must be an installed heating system that works and adequately heats the unit.
  • There must be hot and cold running water in the kitchen and bathroom(s).
  • There must be a flush toilet that works and does not leak.
  • The bathroom must have either a window to the outside, or an exhaust fan.
  • There must not be any plumbing leaks or plugged drains (check for slow drains).
  • All ground floor windows must have attached locks and exterior doors must have locks, including working deadbolts.
  • All security bars and window bars must have a quick release mechanism.
  • One good screen is required for each room with a window.
  • There must not be any missing, broken or cracked windows.
  • All electrical outlets must have cover plates and be in good condition.
  • The roof must not leak (check for stains).
  • If stairs and railings are present, they must be secure.
  • Modifications or adaptations to a unit must meet applicable HQS and building codes.
  • The hot water heater must have a temperature pressure relief valve with a downward discharge pipe made of galvanized steel or copper tubing extended to within 6 inches of floor.
  • Floor coverings cannot be torn or have holes that can cause someone to trip.
  • Smoke detectors, in good working condition, are required in every unit and on every level.
  • The contract rent must be reasonable based on the rent of comparable units in the neighborhood.

View HUD's "Good Place to Live" Brochure (PDF) for more information.

Lead Paint Policy

Upon inspection, the unit should be free of chipping or peeling paint. All owners should visually inspect their units and correct any chipping or peeling paint prior to the inspection that is scheduled by the Housing Authority.

Mold Issues